Wand Curls ADN Beach Waves

Beach Waves Hairstyle




1. Section off top layers of hair using any type of clips.
2. Split the bottom layer into a few sections. Take one of the sections and twist it away from your face using your index finger. Run your straightener over the twist. As you clamp the iron on the twist, the hair should flatten out a bit. The tighter your twist, the tighter your waves. If you want looser waves like mine, allow the straightener to really flatten out that twist.
3. Using a duck-billed clip, attach the twist to the hair near your scalp.
4. Continue taking sections and warming up the twists. Once you’ve twisted all your hair, let the twists set. The longer you leave them in, the longer your waves are going to stay. I’d recommend at least ten minutes. Finish putting on your makeup and go do some dishes.
5. Release the twists.
6. Gently run your fingers through the twists. 7 Continue until the twists are loose but not totally gone.





A beach spray is the perfect finishing touch for this hairstyle. It will add more texture, boost the waves,and add body and volume to your hair. The texture is what’s so amazing about this style. This is the perfect texture for a great messy bun and also to have before you start any type of braid.

Wand Curls Hairstyle

This is one of the easiest ways to curl your hair. You literally cannot mess it up! I can get through my entire head of hair in less than ten minutes. You will need a 1-inch curling iron and a good heat serum.

1. Section off your hair from the ears on up. Spray the hair that’s down with a heat serum.
2. Take 1- to 2-inch sections, depending on the texture of your hair, and wrap the section away from your face around the curling iron. Keep a hold on the end of the hair. You don’t want that wrapped around the iron.
3. Continue wrapping and curling each section.
4. You may alternate the direction of your curls, but when it comes to anything near your face, always wrap away.
5. Release a section of hair from what you have clipped up and continue to curl.




6. Remember to wrap anything near your face away.
7. When you get to the bangs, use your 1-inch or larger barreled iron to create a looser curl in the front. My iron is 1-¼ inches in diameter.
8. Gently brush out the curls to loosen them.
9. Straightening the ends is really important when it comes to the way your curls lay. Feel free to leave the ends of your hair out of the curling process, but if you have frizzy ends you’ll probably need to straighten them.

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