Let’S Look At 15 Eyebrows Video Ideas

The angles of your face are highlighted by your eyebrows. You can narrow the facial structure, broaden it or lift the eyes by working on your eyebrows. You can frame your eyes perfectly and tone down or underline the eye makeup with the right eyebrow shape. Perfectly shaped eyebrows bring balance to your face and add symmetry to all of its features.

Using the Golden Ratio

The golden ratio is a number that depicts the perfect proportion that is most pleasing to the human eye.
Anastasia Soare, beauty ‘innovator’, was perhaps the first person to apply this number to the techniques of eyebrow shaping. Anastasia has created the perfect look for innumerable celebrities and has transformed asymmetrical and sparse eyebrows into the most stunningly

attractive facial features.

Anastasia’s trademarked Golden ratio technique brings about balance in your face using the eyebrows as the starting point.
You too can use this ratio to determine the shape that will set off your facial features in the best possible way. This is how to do it:

• A: Draw an imaginary line from the outside corner of your nose upwards towards the inside corner of your eye. Your eyebrow should end where it meets this line.
• B: Draw another imaginary line from the tip of your nose crossing the pupil of your eye diagonally. The point where this line cuts the eyebrow is the perfect position for the arch.
• C: Draw an imaginary line from the bottom of your nose to the outer corner of your eye and beyond.

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