Creating a Simple Half-Up and Sliding in a Bobby Pin

Simple Half-Up and Sliding in a Bobby Pin

This technique is used throughout the book. You’re basically folding the hair over itself and pinning the outside pieces of hair. I started this style by curling my hair with a 1-inch wand.

1. Start by teasing your roots and combing through the snarls. Using your index fingers, loosely pull back the top layers of hair. You only want the very top layers; if you pull all the thickness back, the bobby pins will not hold.
2–5. You are basically going to fold the hair over itself. Combine the hair into your dominant hand, and with your non-dominant hand start folding the hair over.

6. Holding the hair in place with your non-dominant hand, open up your bobby pin with the flat side on top and slide it into the seam. You only need to pin those very outer layers on the fold because they’re the ones holding the style in place.


If one bobby pin doesn’t hold the style, go ahead and use a couple more. I like to bring a little bit more hair over from the side and add it to the fold before I pin. If the pins aren’t holding the style, make sure you’re using sturdy bobby pins and you’re not ask-ing the pins to hold too much! You’re just pinning those very top layers of hair.Be sure to buy high-quality bobby pins. They make a huge difference! I buy my bobby pins from Sally Beauty Supply, and they are super strong. I’ve never had a bobby pin fold in on me, and they grip the hair better than the cheap ones. So before you get frustrated with yourself for not being able to slide in a bobby pin, make sure you’ve got the right bobby pins for the job!

Basic Pompadour

This is a great style to choose when you’ve let your hair air-dry or when it’s lacking volume. It really lifts your eyes up and makes you look more alert. I started this style with left over 1-inch wand curls.

1. Using the outside arch of the eyebrows as a guide, section off the top layers of hair. Make sure not to take the full section of hair, just those very top layers.
2. I like to tease my hair with a good old-fashioned rattail comb.
3. Take a comb and tease the roots by pulling the comb toward the scalp. Run your fingers through the hair making sure no snarls are visible but taking care not to brush out all the volume.
4. You’re going to loosely pull that section of hair back and twist the hair where you want to secure it. Slide a bobby pin or two into the twist. If you find it easier, you may slide in two bobby pins, mak- ing sure to crisscross them at the center. Then take a comb and tease the sides and back of the hair to add in a little bit more volume.

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