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With summer starting, braids for long hair are the perfect way to keep cool! Whether you’re planning on attending all the cool music festivals, or you have a series of weddings lined up, braided hairstyles for long hair will make sure your hair does not get in your way from having fun.

Braids for long hair can be loose, chunky, and haphazard for a more bohemian look, or they can be kept very clean or twisted into buns for sophisticated evening events. You can even add just a few tiny braids for texture, leaving the rest of your long hair loose. No matter your proclivities, you can make long braided hair fit your personal edge.

To get your inspired to play around with twists and turns, we’ve collected all the best inspiration for long braids. Let us know which of these long braided hairstyles is your favorite!

3 Trendy Braided Hairstyles For Long Hair To Look Amazingly Awesome

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