10 wedding hairstyles ideas for this month

What is the best hairstyle for a wedding?

Truth is, ordinarily, there are no put down best hairstyles for a wedding. Every bridal hairstyle is beautiful, but your face type is what determines. There are certain hairstyles a person will pull off that another won’t. So, on this, we will be showing you different potential hairstyles as it suits faces.

The oval face: The woman with an oval face has the best of every world. She can rock any hairstyle, whether it’s buns, chignon, fringes or half up half down wedding hairstyles.

The square face: The best wedding hairstyles are either to rock a low bun, with free-running curls. Or she can leave her hair down with an optional center part to open her face and soften harsh angles.

Heart-shaped face: Rock a slightly off center-parted hair. Make it in the form of wedding hairstyles braid. You may also leave it down, and allow it to cover the sides of your chin. Whatever you do, make sure your hair is well textured.

Long shaped face: Choose wedding buns hairstyles. A top knotted bun high up at the back of your head. You may also leave your hair down in-side sweeping curls. This accentuates your cheekbones and adds width to the face.

Round face shape: To get the illusion of higher cheekbones, choose side-parted hairstyles with sleek ponytails. Or leave your hair down with a deep side part to create an angular look.

How do I choose a wedding hairstyle?

Do you want to pick hairstyles that you won’t regret wearing, looking back on the way? Here are a few tips to help you with this challenge!

Follow up hairstylists, blogs, and social accounts of bridal hair experts. You’ll see numerous appealing pictures that will fill you with inspiration.

Put your headpiece into consideration. If you’ll be wearing tiaras, crowns, or veils, you may want to tilt towards wedding hairstyles with veil. You get your dream hair while keeping your headpiece comfortable and tightly held.

Think of your wedding style, and outfit, then coordinate accordingly. This is because everything must be cohesive and agree to the eyes.

You have the liberty to work with your natural length or hair extensions. If your hair is short, or medium length, and you don’t fancy wedding hairstyles for medium hair, extensions will help you pull off the long hair magic.

Show off your luster. If you have naturally shiny tresses, do not make any hairstyle that will hide it. Your hairstyle must showcase your luster.

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