10 Eye Makeup Videos Ideas In 2019

As is the case with face shapes,everyone is born with different eyeshapes. The mistake made in eye makeupapplication is not understanding theshape of the eyes, especially if you seean application or technique applied to aneye different from your own. Therefore,now that I’ve gone through eye shadowand eye makeup, I’d like to show you how to bring those together to create the perfect look for your eye shape.


With full eye makeup, theentire eye must be considered.Each part should beaddressed during a makeupapplication.

• Brow bone:Found directly under the eyebrow, thehighlight color isapplied in thissection.

• Crease: Found at the top of the lidand the beginning of the brow bone,it is the section where the skin rollsinto the eye socket. Depending onthe brow bone, the crease can bedeep set to nonexistent.

• Eyelid: The half-moon-shapedsection of skin between the upperlash line and the crease, this is theprimary space for eye shadow.

• Upper lash line: Found along theedge of the lid closest to the eye,this is where eyeliner, mascara, andfalse eyelashes are used.

• Tear duct: Also known as the innereye, this is found at the corner ofthe eye closest to the nose. Linerand shadow can be placed in thissection.

• Lower lash line: Found at thebottom of the eye, you use eyelinerand mascara in this section.

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